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AOSV5 Deck - Jon Reyes' 4.9 x 21"

Ace of Spades- Version Five.

Some of the finest signature decks in the game!! Stacked with riders from around the globe with custom specifications, graphics and colourways for each rider.

This Versions line-up includes Jon Reyes, Flavio Pesenti, Will Scott, Raymond Warner, Jonathan Perroni & Charles Padel . Each rider with 2 choices of size a deck for every style of riding..The Choice is yours!!


AOSV5 Deck - Jon Reyes' 4.9 x 21"


Jon Reyes is one of the most unique riders in the sport. His style is based off creativity and fun, innovating this style revolves around tech and balance.

His deck is covered in a “Grey Reflect” quality paint and wrapped in his custom “Ride NY City” Graphic. The Graphic represents the vibe of NYC Jon’s riding playground. Pushing through the streets in search of challenges and adventure

WIDTH-4.9 Inches/ 125mm

LENGTH- 21 Inches/ 533.4mm

HEADTUBE- 83 degrees

FOOT SPACE- 14.5 inches/ 370mm

WEIGHT- 3.75 Pounds/ 1.7kgs

Deck Length533mm/21"
Deck Width125mm/4.9"
Foot Space370mm/14.5"
Head Tube Angle83
ColourBlack, Grey, Blue, Multi-colour, Exclusive
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