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AOSV5 Deck - Jonathan Perroni's 5.5 x 22"

Ace of Spades- Version Five.

Some of the finest signature decks in the game!! Stacked with riders from around the globe with custom specifications, graphics and colourways for each rider.

This Versions line-up includes   Jon Reyes, Flavio Pesenti, Will Scott, Raymond Warner, Jonathan Perroni & Charles Padel . Each rider with 2 choices of size a deck for every style of riding ..The Choice is yours!!


AOSV5 Deck - Jonathan Perroni's 5.5 x 22"


Jonathan is a rider that makes his technical flow look effortless, always adding is personal touch to each and every trick no matter where he shreds

His deck is covered in a liquid grey quality paint and wrapped in his custom “French Love” graphic. The Graphic is a combo of all things that Jonathan loves with his French pride bursting through it all

WIDTH-5.5 Inches/ 140mm

LENGTH- 22 Inches/ 558.8mm

HEADTUBE- 84 degrees

FOOT SPACE- 15.7 inches/ 400mm

WEIGHT- 3.75 Pounds/ 1.7kgs

Deck Length559mm/22"
Deck Width140mm/5.5"
Foot Space400mm/15.7"
Head Tube Angle84
ColourBlack, White, Grey, Blue, Red, Exclusive
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