Choosing the best scooter to do tricks on, ride freestyle, or roll on the street with depends on so many different factors. Envy Scooters was one of the first pro scooter brands to have been established - back in 2009 - and has now earned its reputation by becoming a hallmark in the freestyle scooter industry all over the world.  

Fast forward to today and you see so many scooter brands on the market, each with varying models of pro, stunt, and trick scooters to choose from. It can be overwhelming knowing where to begin to find the perfect scooter that will last. Whether you’re searching for the perfect beginner scooter for your 7 year old, the best scooter for tricks to upskill, or a robust professional stunt scooter as an adult, you’re sure to find the best fit at the online Blunt Envy shop. 

In our guide to complete scooters, we’ll explore each category of pro scooter with who it’s best suited to, the level of skill needed that we recommend, and which of our completes will be perfect for that group. 

If in doubt you can always refer to the Blunt Envy Complete Size Guide.


These whips are for the curious little ones who are wanting a cool scooter to explore their riding skills a bit further. This is more than an upgrade from you Razor – a scooter of this kind will be sure to turn heads at the skate park and take you where you want to go. It’s generally the smallest and most affordable pro scooter you’ll see on the market, and undoubtedly one of the coolest. 

The Entry Level category is for the beginner rider to practise at the skate park and best suited to kids aged 5-9 (or height of 120cm – 150cm).

Known for being one the best cheap scooters in this category, the ONE S3 is the ultimate scooter for beginner riders and available in 9 fresh colourways.  


A step-up from The Entry Level, think of this next pro scooter category as ‘graduating’ to the next stage. A scooter of this kind is generally taller in height but still the perfect height to suit younger riders wanting to progress to the skate park and upskill their tricks and stunts. 

This category attracts riders with a beginner to intermediate skillset who are looking for an affordable option. 

Envy Scooters has offered up one of the most long-standing options of pro scooters within this category. The COLT S5 is the unmistaken little weapon amongst all pro scooter brands. It’s tailored to suit a rider’s height of 150cm-180cm and generally is a good pro scooter for ages 9+.


Don’t be fooled by its size; this category packs a punch. 

Pro scooter brands saw a gap in the market for younger, more experienced riders who needed a sturdy whip to match their tenacity at the skatepark. It’s generally known that a stunt scooter of this kind is going to suit a confident rider around the ages 5-9 (or 110cm-140cm in height). 

The mini legend in the Blunt Envy line-up is the Prodigy S9 XS. 



This category makes claim to some of the best and most popular trick scooters the industry has to offer. These whips are usually in high demand due to their versatility. They’re a great pick for young adults and teenagers, but also good pro scooters for adults to take their riding skills further.  

These are good pro scooters that tend to suit the intermediate to advanced rider. 

The star of the show in the all-rounder category is the Prodigy. This complete is not only a legend in the Envy Scooters line-up but undeniably across the world, continually making waves with all the best scooter brands within this category. 

As it currently stands, the Prodigy line-up includes the Prodigy S9 - generally suited to riders with a height between 160cm-180cm; Prodigy S9 Street – recommended for a rider 170cm or taller and intending to ride mostly street-style; and the latest in the Prodigy line-up, the Prodigy X, which is the tenth release in the series featuring the biggest upgrades to date, keeping other scooter brands on their toes.  



This category is considered the elite scooters of all scooters.

A complete in this category generally appeals to a self-proclaimed stunt scooter professional. Whether the intended use is for a skatepark or riding street style, it’s a great pro scooter for adults and young adults alike with intermediate to advanced riding skills. 

The difference between The King and The All-Round Legend is in the parts. Generally, they’re more expensive due to the premium parts you’d usually see in a custom scooter build. 

Some riders want to be able to customize their own scooter. The uniquity of this category tends to be the fact that you’re getting all the parts for a scooter you’d see in a pro scooter shop such as the Blunt Envy website, but instead of building your own, you’re getting the benefit of pulling it straight out of the box. 

Envy’s been all over this for years. The King in our current line-up is the well-esteemed KOS S7. There are three models in the KOS line-up including the KOS Charge and KOS Heist – perfectly tailored for going big at the skatepark, and the KOS Soul which we’ve expertly engineered with the best scooter parts to deserve its title as ‘The King of Street Completes’.