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Introduction: name, age and hometown: What year did you start riding and how many for Blunt/Envy?

Hello guys, what’s up! My name is Ivan Jiménez, I’m 26 years old from Barcelona, Spain. I started Scootering in 2011 & riding for Blunt Scooters since 2016.


What's your riding style?

I would say 70%, street 30% skatepark.


What's your favourite Blunt/Envy product? 

Thermal V2.


Who are some of your biggest inspirations? 

Flavio Pesenti & Charles Padel since the beginning!


Favourite skatepark or street spot? 

Besos Waves spot in Barcelona will always be in my heart, this is where I learnt to ride.


Greatest achievement in Scootering?

Nose manual in Oslo (last trick in Blunt line Pro Trip video).