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Edy Flückiger
Country Switzerland
Hometown La Chaux-de-Fonds
D.O.B JULY 14th 1997
Years Riding 8 1/2
Other Sponsors Swink clothing
Nickname Fluckrrr

The Goods

Fav Food:

Any kind of good pizza

Fav Music:

French rap

Fav Skatepark:

Adrenaline Alley is crazy!

Fav Tour Location:

Fasen Baltic Tour was the best

Fav Crew to Ride With:

My fam @zoofamilypns, and my Fasen Team mates

What Was Your First Trick You Had Dialed?

Briflips I guess haha

Fav Trick Now?

Front scooterflips (and briflips)

What Do You Do Besides Ride?

Study Chemistry and chilling with my homies

Who Did You Look Up To When You First Started Riding?

Brendon Smith

Why Did You Start Riding Scooters?

Because we thought it was fun with my homie Axel Germain! 

Fav Part of The Scooter Scene

The Team/ Community spirit

Why Do You Think Kids Should Get Into Riding Scooters?

It is a really good sport to escape from everyday life problems

Do You Listen to Music While You Ride? If So, What Gets You Pumped?

Sometimes yeah, Good french rap ( Hardcore)

Comps or Filming

Filming, definately not a comp rider 

Explain The Biggest Street Spot/Jump You Ever Hit 

I guess a 13 stair handrail: BS Fifty front scooterflip out

What Is Your Riding Philosophy

Ride for your self and enjoy yourself