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Introduction: name, age and hometown: What year did you start riding and how many for Blunt/Envy?

Yo I'm Colin Mclean, 21 years old from Chandler, Arizona. I started riding for Envy Scooters in 2023 and really enjoyed it so far! The parts have been great.


What's your riding style? 

I ride box jumps most of the time but like to dab around in the street section from time to time.


What's your favourite Blunt/Envy product? 

Definitely the Prodigy X Street deck!


Who are some of your biggest inspirations? 

I think some of my biggest Scooter inspirations getting into the sport would've been Chris Farris, Tristan Anderman and Dylan Morrison.


Favourite skatepark or street spot? 

I think my Woodward West Hangar would be my favourite skatepark of all time but I also really enjoy Chandler Bike Park here in Arizona! 


Greatest achievement in Scootering? 

I think the greatest achievement I have in Scootering would be 6th place at the ISF Worlds Competition in 2022. Competing against all of the big names that I've always looked up to made it tough but I was stoked with the results! I think one of my favourite tricks to do per say at a “Best Trick” event would be the Stanley flip, fullwhip over the box backwards!