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Introduction: name, age and hometown: What year did you start riding and how many for Blunt/Envy?

  My name is Matis Neyroud. I started riding in 2013. I got sponsored by Blunt Scooters on 22 October 2014.


What's your riding style? 

 My style would be hybrid inspired by BMX. 


What's your favourite Blunt/Envy product? 

 My favourite Blunt product would be the Reaper V3 Bar.


Who are some of your biggest inspirations? 

Some of my biggest inspirations are Ryan William, Tom Pages and Courage Adams.


Favourite skatepark or street spot? 

-       Alaïa Chalet skatepark in Switzerland

-       RWilly Land

-       Ferny Grove street rail


Greatest achievement in Scootering? 

BS 50/50, hurricane, fakie 50/50 to flair on Ferny Grove street rail in Queensland, Australia.